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There is an old adage that goes “When Life gives you Lemons… Make Lemonade”. If you have kids you know that you are going to be drinking a lot of lemonade because life comes at you from unexpected directions all the time. It might involve having to run all around town late one evening to look for a blue T-shirt that your kid needs for the assembly at school the next day. Or it might be baking those 36 cupcakes at 11pm at night because your kindergartner is supposed to bring the snack the next day and they LOVE your cupcakes and only your cupcakes (store bought cupcakes just won’t do).

There are also the unplanned events in your life that require you to think a little bit out of the box and re-frame your point of view. For me that came in the form of ripped curtains. We have a new puppy in our house. By puppy I mean a two year old big dog that is still in puppy mode. So, technically she is more of a toddler. She is in her Terrible Two’s. And her name is Zilla (short for Godzilla).

This summer we put a new area rug in the living room and we have been training her to stay off the rug. The kids put a dog bed by the window so that the Puppy could still be in the room with us but would know where she was supposed to be. This was working out great. Unfortunately, she still gets very excited (as puppies do) every time a car drives by and jumps up to peak out the window. This has resulted in a couple of pretty good gashes in the curtains.

Point of Reference for this story: Not only do we have a puppy but we also live in a gigantic “fixer-upper” and we are 10 years into a 20 year project.  New curtains were not on the To-Do list for this year.

By mid September the curtains were pretty ghastly. But what do you do? We re-framed the point of view and have declared them “Halloween Decorations”. Of course this does put us in the position of having to deal with the curtains around November 2nd. But at least it has put that expense off for one more month giving me time to shuffle the To-Do list a bit.

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I get back to my lemonade.


Everything in this post is true – it was not something I had initially intended to share with the world.  I have not received any promotional material or sponsorship for the posting of this mom moment. Let’s face it – those curtains are really terrible and even calling them Halloween Decorations is a bit painful.  The post was inspired by my friends at Lifetime Television’s Balancing Act who shared a link with me this morning to an upcoming segment they are planning featuring the Official Curtain of the National Sleep Foundation, SoundAsleep™ Room Darkening Curtains that will be appearing on The Balancing Act on Oct 24th & Nov 21st. You know for sure that I will be tuning in to watch the Balancing Act on the 24th.  In the meantime, you can check out the SoundAsleep sweepstakes facebook page right now.


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October 4th is one of my favorite days of the year.  And here’s why:  My formative years (high school) were in the late 70’s – the big movie series back in the day was Smokey and the Bandit with Burt Reynolds and they always talked back and forth with the truckers.  They would always sign off ” 10-4 Good Buddy! ” –

Then in the early 80’s my mom and I drove across the US and took a CB radio with us and talked with truckers along the way – it was dangerous because we would get laughing so hard we almost had to pull over several times.

THEN in the later 80’s my sweetheart gave me his Beta Theta Pi pin on October 4.

THEN just after the millenium I passed the Outdoor Emergency Care exam and became a certified ski instructor and had to go back to my CB call numbers all over again 10 – 4 means YES affirmative everythings OK.

So actually over the past 30+ years 10-4 has always had a special place in my heart.

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what's really going on in the legislative sessions

what's really going on in the legislative sessions

This is possibly my favorite picture of all time.

We have all sort of wondered what is really going on behind those closed door sessions of our legislative branch of government.  This is where all of the important issues are debated and laws that impact everyone’s lives
are voted on and become
a part of our daily life.  This is where new taxes and new programs that are critical to our very existance are decided.

As the House convenes to vote on a new budget for the fiscal year in the Capitol, in Hartford, Conn., Monday, Aug., 31, 2009, you can clearly see that some of the reps would rather play solitaire or check their email or even catch up on the most recent baseball stats.

Perhaps we, as the constituents, should insist on a simple 5 to 10 question test about each new law that is up for a vote.  Each representative must pass the short test with 85% accuracy before being allowed to vote on the new legislation.  This way they couldn’t just vote the way their buddy is voting but they would have to actually know what they are voting about.

Yes, this would slow down the wheels of government even more and create even a few more jobs ( we would have to hire a team of official test developers and implementators ).  But that might not be such a bad thing either.

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